Online tutorship (intermediate / advanced level - free service)

Every Wednesday from 3.00 to 5.00 p.m., the online teacher can be found ready to answer your questions

on Skype using the ID puntolingua. You can talk in real time by 'chatting' or use audio channels and also a

webcam. Just open Skype and find the contact.

If you haven't got Skype, download it for free here.

Italian times are used. Please check the local time in Rome to work out the difference in time zones.

The service is free, but some rules should be kept in mind:

The service is aimed at intermediate and advanced level students, that is at people who are able to understand at least a little Italian. Please do not call with the idea of speaking in any other language.

Do not call the online teacher for meetings at times other than indicated, even if you see that she is connected.

The meeting lasts around ten minutes in order to give everyone a chance to use the service. You have
the opportunity to ask questions about online exercises, certain grammar points, the Puntolingua services and also to get advice about how to improve your Italian language skills (courses, teaching materials, etcetera).

Read the online teacher profile here.


Esercizi per principianti (A1-A2)

Esercizi di livello intermedio (B1-B2)

Esercizi di livello avanzato (C1-C2)

Test di livello


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